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fildena 50mg online

Buy Fildena 50mg Online

Sildenafil Citrate - Fildena - 50mg

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What are the key benefits of taking Fildena 50 mg ?

Fildena 50 mg cures the dysfunction of erectile in men by boosting up the strength necessary for the erection of penile by improvising the flow of blood to the restricted region called penile. Thus, provides a man with a better bucking session with improved measurements of penile and intense stiffness in the organ.

What is the functioning of Fildena 50 mg ?

Fildena 50 mg is a medicine that encloses Sildenafil as its chief functional ingredient and functions by inhibiting the working of Isoenzyme called PDE5. The medicine improves the concentration of cGMP within corpus cavernosum of male penile, which in turn relax the smooth muscles, and the blood vessels of penile to facilitate the rush of blood in the groin region and make the penile stood erect for better bucking.

What is the dosing intake of Fildena 50 mg ?

Take Fildena 50mg an hour before having the intimate relationship with a partner and enjoy the sensual session with perfect erection and stiffness in the organ for stretched duration of action (5-6 hours). Dose need not require any replication up to the duration of 24 hours. Do not crush or break the medicines, swallow the medicines as a whole with colossal water. You can take Fildena either with or without food.

What are the adverse events that a patient can face after Fildena 50 mg intake?

A man consuming Fildena 50 can come across some adverse events such as chills, trembling in muscles, pain in lower back, mild headache, blurred or hazy vision, facial flushing, nausea, vomiting, penile skin dryness and rash and prolonged or painful erection called Priapism.

What are the cautions and warnings allied to Fildena 50 mg intake?

A man taking Fildena 50 mg should prevent himself from the huff-puff of smoke, alcohol, grapefruit juice, coffee, junk foods and nitrates enclosing medicines. Driving a motor or operation of any machinery are not the safe options with this medicines as one can meet any mishap due to drowsiness and fatigue in his body.


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