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fildena 100mg

Buy Fildena 100MG Online | Generic Sildenafil

Sildenafil Citrate - Fildena - 100mg

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Buy Fildena 100MG Online | Generic Sildenafil :-

Why do you need Fildena 100 mg ?

Sildenafil is the main component of Fildena 100 mg, which is a PDE5 inhibitor. Lack of an erection is due to less flow of blood towards penile vessels. This blood flow can be improved with the use of Sildenafil. Fildena works by inhibiting PDE5, so hikes the cGMP causing effective vasodilation of penile vessels and speedy blood flow to the genitals that causes a stronger erection. You need to get sexually aroused for getting a perfect erection. It is also helpful in pulmonary arterial hypertension.

What is the dosage info about Fildena 100 mg ?

The dose required in adults for stopping an erection failure is 100 mg at least before 50 to 60 min of the sexual act. You need to take it through the oral route. The action of Fildena occurs in about 30 min and its action prolongs for 4 to 6 hours. Have it with or without meals.

What are the contradictory factors to follow with Fildena 100 mg ?

• Do not use if you observe allergies with Sildenafil.
• Under any medical history such as stomach ulcer, blood pressure problem, bleeding disorder, heart attack, retinitis pigmentosa, or physical deformity of penile, never use Fildena.
• You should never use nitrate drugs, as it causes serious hypotension.
• Do not give it to people of less than 18 years.

What are the safety measures to follow with Fildena 100 mg ?

• Tell your doctor if you have painful erection or erection happens for a longer duration.
• Patients who are below 18 years of age should not use Fildena.
• Cardiac patients should ingest it only upon doctor's advice.
• Grapefruit juice and alcohol raises the harmful effects of the drug.

What are the harmful effects with Fildena 100 mg ?

Some side effects with Fildena 100 mg are irregular heartbeat, painful erection, shortness of breath, seizure, sudden vision loss, nausea, flushing, longer erection, sweating, light-headed feeling, headache, and back pain.

Customer Reviews

Generic Sildenafil Fildena help us Review by Larry Morris
You know, Ed does not only affect the body but the mind too, and there is a need of a drug that boosts up your confidence as well, and I am glad I found Fildena because it does exactly that. By boosting my erection, it has made strong the weakest link of my body and now, I RULE!" (Posted on 8/3/17)

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