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Buy Xalatan Eye Drops | Generic Latoprost Eye Drops

Latanoprost Eye Drops

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Xalatan is the brand name for Latanoprost eye drop. The medicine decreases excess ocular pressure within an eye of an individual and prevents the patients from worsening of open-angle glaucoma. The reason behind of this excess pressure is the drainage angle created by the cornea and iris remains open but the trabecular meshwork remains slightly or partially blocked. Hence, building up the excess pressure within the eye which further can damage the optic nerve.

Functioning of Xalatan Latoprost eye drop:

Latoprost eye drops functions by draining the excess amount of aqueous humor fluid out of the eye. Latoprost is a type of Prostaglandin analog, a type of a chemical substance present though out the body and helps in releasing the accumulated liquid from within the eyeball. This simple mechanism can treat massive troubles of the eye like glaucoma, ocular hypertension, vision disorder and other related problems too.

Dose frequency and method to take of Xalatan Latoprost eye drop:

Individuals advised putting drops in their eyes during the evening time by slightly tilting the head in the backward direction. Instill eye drops only after washing or cleaning both the hands and face. After pouring the medicine in eyes, keep your eyes in a closed state for a minimum of 1-2 minutes.

Precautions of Xalatan Latoprost eye drop:

 Always instill the dose after removing your contact lenses and makeup.
 Maintain a gap of minimum 5 minutes between two respective doses.

Contraindications of Xalatan Latoprost eye drop:

 Avoid using this medicine if suffering from the disorder likes anaphylactic reaction, hepatic and liver functions and pregnancy.
 If you have undergone eye surgery or having an injury of eyes or any other disease than first consult the physician.

Side effects of Xalatan Latoprost eye drop:

The patient can encounter some common side effects for the temporary duration like blurriness in vision, or other symptoms like itching, dryness, redness, increased production of tears, swelling of the mouth, face or tongue and skin peeling.

Interactions of Xalatan Latoprost eye drop:

Latoprost eye drop shows interaction with medicines like Bimatoprost.

Storage Condition of Xalatan Latoprost eye drop:

Store the Latoprost eye drop away from direct heat and moisture. Keep in the refrigerator but do no freeze.



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