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Vilitra 20mg

-Vardenafil Generic Vilitra 20mg

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Understanding about Vilitra 20mg

Vilitra the product of vardenafil is an outstanding product that is consumed by men of every age around the globe for the treatment of soft erection. If you are one of those men, who is facing the trouble of erection failure during intimacy or does not hold on intimacy for penetration, then you must have to take out appropriate therapy for management. Vilitra 20mg falls in the same class of drug, which helps the men to attain harder erection during the period of Lovemaking.

Action mechanism of Vilitra 20mg

The degradation of cGMP in the penile organ is recognized as the main reason of poor flow of blood in the penile. The PDE-5 enzyme there causes the degradation further in the body, thus the Vilitra main working action is to block the function of the PDE-5 enzyme, results in increased production of cGMP into the body. The increased production of cGMP causes the enhanced amount of blood to flow in the body and provides the harder erection for intimacy.

Dosage regimen of Vilitra 20mg

Vilitra 20mg is easy to get in the formulation of oral tablet. The effective pattern of dose administration is that men have to take a dose of 20 mg 45 minutes earlier to the intimacy. The medication needs to be taken orally with enough amount of water, once in 24 hours. Do not consume the dose more than 40mg in a day; else, it may cause side effects. The drug lasting effects stay in the body for the duration of 5 hours. In this way, men can enjoy the pleasing intimacy for the whole night, but keep in mind that sexual harassment is a key factor for harder erection; drug alone is not accountable for erection.

Conflicting issues with Vilitra

 The use of Vilitra is prohibited under the condition of allergic reaction with sildenafil or men have a history of epilepsy or prostate gland cancer/Surgery.
 Do not go for Vilitra if you are facing the trouble of Liver, kidney, blood, heart, and low or high blood pressure.
 The use of Vilitra is not recommended in the patient below the age of 18 years.
Defensive measures of Vilitra
 Do not consume Vilitra in combination with Nitrate derivative, else it may interact with each other and give raises hypotension.
 The intake of high fatty food may alter drug absorption, so do not take them together.
 Avoid taking Vilitra in together with alcohol and grapefruit juices.
 Do not drive or perform any attention seeking activity after intake of Vilitra.
 If painful or prolong ejection stay for more than 4 hours then rush to the doctor for help.

Side effects of Vilitra

The User of Vilitra may experience some nasty effects that are as of dizziness, drowsiness, vision changes, nasal decongestion, stomach upset, facial flushing, ringing sound in the ear and chest or muscle pain.

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