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pregnyl hcg 5000iu

Pregnyl-HCG- 5000IU

Pregnyl-HCG- 5000IU

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What is the generic composition about the Pregnyl?

This medicine is known to have in it Human Chorionic Gonadotropin as an active part.

What is the brief outline regarding Pregnyl?

This hormone helps in building the egg inside your ovary and it stimulates the production of an egg from your ovaries. In short, it is helpful in resolving your infertility issue. Some women have difficulties in conceiving due to irregular ovulation cycle. Use Pregnyl and get rid of your infertility trouble.

What is the mode of action about Pregnyl?

This hormone adheres up to LHCG receptors that are present inside an ovary. Thus, it stimulates the corpus luteum at the initial of pregnancy. Thus, there is the release of progesterone hormone that enriches uterus with blood vessels and nourishment for developing a fetus.

What is the dosage structure about this injection?

Regulate your ovulation process by causing stimulation with an injection of 5000--10,000 I.U only through intramuscular route but only after last day of menotropins.

What are the contraindications to follow-up while using this injection?

  • NOT to be used when allergic to it.
  • NOT to be used when having early puberty.
  • NOT to be used when having hormone-related cancer.

 What are the precautions that has to be taken care of?

  • It should Not be used when feeding your baby.
  • It should not be used when you do not know the way of administration.
  • Do not use larger than told by your doctor.
  • Keep out of children reach.
  • Always keep in mind to use sterile needles.
  • Break and throw the already used needles.
  • Report your doctor about any issues like adrenal gland disorder, uterine bleeding, premature puberty, epilepsy, and asthma.

What are the harmful effects that are seen with this medicine?

Common happening sick issues with this injection are as water weight gain, restless feeling, headache, irritation, depression, breast tenderness, swelling, pain or swelling at the site of injection.


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