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Nailon 5ml

Nailon 5ml


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Have a look through the generic composition about the medicine Nailon

The active component in this liquor is Ciclopirox.

Have a look through the brief idea about the medicine Nailon

This is part of a process in which there is removing of unattached nails and damaged nails. This is meant for infection of toenails and fingernails. There are many people who face fungus infection in nails and their nails get damaged because of this infection. The infection begins slowly and damages the whole nail completely.

Have a look through the mode of action by which this medicine works over your nails

This Ciclopirox Olamine belongs to a synthetic anti-fungal agent that has the greatest affinity towards trivalent metal cations. This is best suitable medicine known to cease the growth of fugal and saves you from exceeding fungal infections.

Have a look through the dosage structure regarding the medicine Nailon topical liquor

You have to apply it over your nails surrounding the whole of your nails once daily prior you go to bed. Use it with a brush only. You must apply it below the skin portion also.

Have a look through the method of application of this liquor

Take the liquor over your brush and then begin applying it over nails and skin portion beneath it. Let it dry off for at least 30 seconds. After that, you can put your socks. Keep a gap of 8 hours and then go to have a shower. You can apply it daily to earlier coating. Remove it with alcohol once within a week. Also, make sure to get your dead nail get removed. The treatment may last for 48 weeks to get permanent prevention from fungal infection.

Have a look through the contraindications that has to be followed

  • Do not use in allergic reaction with this.
  • It is not approved for younger than 12 years old.

Have a look through the precautions that have to be followed always

  • Avoid contact with medicine with your eyes, nose, and mouth, it is for external use only.
  • Stop using any cosmetic product while using this medication.

Have a look through the sick issues probably seen with this medication

Some harmful issues with this are as rash, redness of the skin, burning of skin, and allergic reaction. 

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