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Buy Filitra 20 mg Vardenafil

Filitra 20 mg

-Vardenafil Generic Filitra 20 mg

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Vardenfil Filitra 20 mg online buy 

A brief description about Filitra 20 mg:

Filitra 20 is a much-admired drug for giving relief in the sensual ailment in men of all age groups. A number of males face difficulty in holding their erection throughout their sensual activities. They either lost their erection as soon as they started being sensual or sometimes cannot even attain an erection. Filitra medicine is composed of an FDA approved agent Vardenafil for correcting the erection failure in men by managing the flow of blood in their reproductive system.

Mechanism of Filitra 20 mg medicine:

Vardenafil is a super capable medication for restoring repeated penile failures and enhances erection stiffness & length. Filitra 20 mg act by suppressing the action of enzymes PDE5 and inhibits the process of cGMP breakdown. As soon as a man gets arousal for making intimacy acts, his body releases Nitric oxide, which is further liable to produce cGMP effect. Therefore, an action called vasodilatation and smooth muscle relaxation is produced in the male penile region giving him a stiff and erect penile for a longer duration.

Dosing scheme for Filitra 20 mg :

Filitra medicine on our website is available in the dosing strength of 20 mg. A single tablet of Filitra is supposed to be consumed about 45 minutes before performing in sensual activities. The drug starts showing its effect by giving an arousal in the male erection within 15 minutes of intake and is effective for about 36 hours. The second dose should be taken after the completion of 3 days of the previous medication.

Contradictory conditions with Filitra 20 mg medication:

Following are the conditions when a male should stay away from Filitra 20 mg medicine use:

• A male under medical condition of cardiac attack, stroke & hypotension or if you're taking Nitrate medication should not take Filitra medicine
• A male with renal or hepatic impairments should avoid the use of this medicine.
• A male suffering from severe pulmonary Veno-occlusive disorder or those who are dealing with hereditary degenerative retinal disorder should avoid the use of Filitra medicine
• A male having any allergy with any ingredient of the drug should not make the use of Filitra 20 medicine.

Preventive and warning tips for Filitra 20 mg medicine:

• Ceasing of alcoholic and grapefruit juices consumption is mandatory before relying on Filitra medicine.
• A male above 65 & children below 18 years of age must seek advice their physician
• The drug may effect on the alertness power of the male, so he should avoid indulging in concentration requiring tasks.
• He should avoid consuming heavy meals before or after the intake of medicine.

Side issues with Filitra medicine:

A male may observe a number of temporary side effects after the intake of Filitra 20 mg medicine, some of them include:

• Dizziness and drowsiness
• Nausea, vomiting, headache
• Painful erection
• Swelling of hands and feet
• Abdominal and back pain
• Mood swings



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