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Buy Careprost Eye Drops Online

Bimatoprost Solution

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Brief description of Careprost eye drops-

Careprost is an ophthalmic solution to be used for eyes only. Careprost eye drop consists of Bimatoprost as the major active ingredient. Careprost eye drop has been used for the management of Glaucoma. Along with this, Careprost is an amazing medicine for treating the condition of Hypotrichosis of eyelashes in which your eyelashes are short, inadequate and lighter.Careprost eye drop buy online @Birthcontrolpills247.

Dosing  Information for Careprost eye drops-

Careprost eye drop, when used for eyelashes, needs to be applied topically on the external part of eyes. When used for glaucoma, then Careprost eye drop is instilled in the eyes. A user is advised to use Careprost eye drop only for one time a day only in the evening for eyelash enhancement.

A clean and dry eyeliner brush or an applicator is used to apply a drop of Careprost by placing a drop on the tip of the brush. Then a user has to make a line at the margin of the lash line beginning from the inner part to the outer part. You need to apply a drop of Careprost solution only on the upper eyelid for a continuous application for 2months so that you will notice the response fast.

Contraindications while using Careprost eye drops-

Careprost eye drop should not be applied if you have oversensitivity towards Bimatoprost or any other ingredient of Careprost eye drop.
• Treatment of any other eye condition with Careprost is not advised unless prescribed.
•A pregnant woman or a nursing mother are not recommended to use Careprost eye drop.

Side Effects of using Careprost eye drop-

There are some side effects likely to occur while using Careprost eye drops such as Itching in eyes, Eye redness, Drowsiness, Dryness in eyes, Headache, Eyelids darkening, and Iris pigmentation. 

Storage Conditions of Careprost eye drop-

Careprost eye drop must be kept away from direct sunlight, heat, moisture, and reach of children. Storage condition of Careprost eye drop is at room temperature.

Precautionary measures while using Careprost eye drop-

• Use of Careprost eye drop to any other area can lead to unnecessary hair growth.
• Prior to the application of Careprost eye drop, always remove your makeup and contact lenses, if applied.
• Do not touch the tip of container as it might cause contamination.

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