Every family has a different priority and so was Samantha too. She was having two kids in the family and was living with her spouse who was most of the times out of the town because of work priorities. Samantha is correctly on maternity leave and was looking after her two kids. First kid is 2 years and the younger one is about to complete her 4 months. It was a tough decision for Samantha to continue with her surprise pregnancy but seeing the loneliness of the elder kid she decide to continue with nature. So, to look after the same she has taken maternity leave.

This month she has again taken her pee sample over the pregnancy detection kit as she had missed her dates of menstruation bleeding and wanted to confirm that it is due to body fatigue and another weakness issue she hasn't got the menstruation this month or it is again a surprise pregnancy???? No, again she can't do the same mistake she yells at this time she was taking the oral contraceptive pills too but was not actually regular with it. Buy Abortion pill online from our online drug portal at reliable price with discount.

Samantha prior visiting to doctor decide to go for a home pregnancy detection test just to clear out the doubt of unwanted pregnancy. And her doubt was right! She again got those two pink lines which tell her about her third pregnancy. This time the result on kit her annoyed her, frustrated her and filled her with grief. As she can't afford to give her career breaks again and again. So, this time she is ready with a decision of abortion and that to not with surgery but by the use of medicines only. As the couple has already spent much of their second pregnancy and delivery. She ordered the pills of RU486 online and begin with the regimen from the next day.

The regimen to take up RU486 is simple. This pack comes in a pack of 3 pills each of Mifepristone 200mg and all need to be taken together, orally with water. Wait for 2 days and take a visit to physician clinic to confirm that nothing is left the uterine cavity. If the ultrasound reports show some presence of the piece of debris that patient has to consume two pills of Misoprostol, 200mcg each. Take the pills before completing 7 weeks of gestation.

Method via Mifepristone acts inside the body of women is preventing the release of essential hormone Progesterone which is an important requisite for the development of pregnancy. the medication inhibits this very important hormone release and prevents the progression of pregnancy that is unwanted to a woman. Misoprostol is the medicine that constriction the uterus and detaches the fetal tissues from the womb of the woman.

Adverse indications of taking up RU486 pills are an annoyance. Agitation, back pain, heavy vaginal bleeding with pain in the abdomen. Cautions that women might go for include complete rejection of the intake of beverages such as alcohol, coffee, and food that are oily and takes time to digest should be avoided with this medication. Take your IUD out prior you put the pills in your vagina. Do not go for these pills if the pregnancy is ectopic. Order RU486 Online from our web portal at a reasonable price.