Order Plan B Morning after Pill to get prevention against the undesired pregnancy.

Having a child in healthy condition is a dream of each and every women and this create feeling of happiness which can't be explained by anyone. But in certain conditions, she has to take the decision of abortion like during financial problem, health issues either with mother or her child, relationship problems, forced physical intimacy and failure of birth control device.

Some time ago, there was an only option to terminate pregnancy by surgical method but, now various safer and reliable options are available to prevent pregnancy.

Various methods to avoid pregnancy are

  • Emergency contraceptive pills
  • Abortion pills
  • Contraceptive barrier method
  • IUDs

Emergency contraceptive pill is a safer and efficient way to avoid pregnancy, without any involvement of surgery and anesthesia. This is a type of medical abortion.

Order Plan B Morning after Pill to get prevention against the undesired pregnancy

Plan B is a type of emergency contraceptive pill, which is also known as "morning after pill". It contains Levonorgestral, which is a best active chemical of female hormone and successfully used to prevent release of egg from the ovary.

It is also a beneficially active drug, when female forget to take two or more dose of abortion pills periodically, have unprotected lovemaking or failure of other birth control methods.

Composition of Plan B:

Each tablet of this drug contains: 1.5 mg of Levonorgestrel

It shows its effectiveness by:

  • Preventing ovulation
  • Changing uterus and cervical lining
  • Interfering with fertilization of an egg
  • Preventing implantation

How much effective is Plan B?

Plan B should be taken within 72 hours of unsecured intimacy but, the efficacy of this drug may vary as the time interval increases. This drug reduces the chances of pregnancy by about 95%, when it is take within 24 hours. But the therapeutic effect may reduce to 89%, when it is taken after 24 hours of an unsecured intimacy.

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Who should not take Plan B?

Some anti tuberculosis drugs, anti epileptic drugs and Carbamazepine may interact with the active form of this drug and progressively reduce the therapeutic effect. These drug interactions may cause various harmful side effects in an individual.

The treatment via this drug is contraindicated in some medical issues, i.e. allergic to this drug, ovarian cysts, heart related diseases, malabsorption syndromes, psychological disorder and epilepsy.

This drug should not be taken by those females, who are less than the age of 18 years.

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How should you take Plan B?

It contains single tablet which should be taken once after unprotected intercourse. There is no need to take another or second dose of this tablet. This tablet should be taken within 3 days after the unsecured intimacy, because after 3 days this drug does not show any effective result, which require to prevent pregnancy.

Common side effects of this drug are weight gain, hair loss, swelling of leg and low platelet count.

Overdose symptoms of this drug are nausea, vomiting and irregularity in menstrual cycle.

Important information:

This drug may affect the blood glucose level, so it is beneficial to examine blood sugar level properly after taking this drug.

It is an emergency pill, so should not be taken in a daily or regular manner.

This medicine is not effective after conceiving the pregnancy.

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