It is always better to get abortion done early to avoid any complication. If you are looking for an early abortion alternative of surgical abortion, then surely MTP Kit is surely a solution for you.

Reasons to Choose Medical Abortion with MTP Kit

The prime reason for choosing medical abortion is privacy. You can abort in the comfort of your home with your partner or friend. It is less invasive and more natural compared to other surgical ways. It gives a woman complete control over her pregnancy. Furthermore, abortion using MTP Kit pills is more like a natural miscarriage. It doesn't take much time you only have to face heavy period and cramping necessary for fetus expulsion.

Moreover, you can buy MTP kit online it further leverages to have abortion done in your own home. This means no clinical visits and formalities. When an unmarried girl have to opt for abortion the first thing that comes to her mind is if society will come to know of her abortion it can ruin her reputation. So, order MTP Kit online from a reputed drug store that gives early delivery to start your abortion process as soon as possible.

Here is the complete detail on MTP Kit use -

MTP Kit is composed of two dynamic ingredients of group anti-prostaglandin and anti-progestin. The Mifepristone is taken first and it is an antiprogestin analog that helps in shredding down the lining of the uterus. This stops the nutritional supply to the fetus by eliminating the action of hormone progesterone. The second pills is Misoprostol, it is an anti prostaglandin analog. This pills helps in smoothening  and dilating the uterine walls to help in expulsion of the fetus. It main action is in  the contraction of uterine walls for fetus discharge. Both these pills are necessary to carry put abortion.

The Dosage breakdown of MTP Kit -

Two pills of Mifepristone 200mg each is taken first orally. Now you have to wait for three days, and on third day 4 pills of Misoprostol is taken either orally or vaginally. Together these will result in complete pregnancy termination. On the 14th day, you must visit your health care provider for an ultrasonography test. This will give you report on confirmation of your abortion.

Signs of Side effects shown by MTP Kit - Heavy vaginal bleeding, Mood swings, vomiting, sickness, annoyance, Dizziness, Abdominal cramps and feeling of being physically uncomfortable are some of the commonly observed side effects of MTP Kit. You must consult your doctor if any of these side effects prolong.

Preventive measure that you must follow are as under -

-      MTP Kit is not suggested for Ectopic pregnancy

-      Make sure you follow ultrasound check

-      Avoid intimacy until complete abortion procedure is done

-      For health recovery intake good iron rich diet

-      Avoid alcohol and grape fruit / juice

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End your unwanted pregnancy by purchasing Home Abortion Kit Online. Today, this pill has give great control to woman over their pregnancy. MTP kit is better and most reliable abortion option compared to other methods.