When you notice a delay in your monthly dates than for 3-4 days, you are okay with it but as your wait progress to 5th day then rings a bell in your head that something might have gone wrong. To confirm you visited nearby drugstore and took set of pregnancy detection kits to confirm that your doubt of pregnancy. In the perplexed state of mind, you rushed to washroom and pee on the same and slowly you observe the change in color of the strip to the pink, 2 pink line confirms you the pregnancy that you are holding but ...don't know of whom!!!

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Either this is from your beau or from fiancée, you do not know. But what you know is that "now, you are a pregnant woman" who is going to get married in upcoming next month and all your ceremonies and "honeymoon" is planned as per your chosen dates.

Ugh!... Now, what?????????????

You in your scariest dream can't ever imagine disclosing the pregnancy of yours to anyone and so surgical abortion is not the option as it will expose your hidden relation. So next option is the medical abortion the one in which abortion is done under the assistance of pills. So, you ordered MTP Kit and on very next day in the early morning, you swallowed the Mifepristone pill of strength 200mg on an empty stomach with colossal water.

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Then you waited for 48 hours and then you put all 4 pills of Misoprostol each of strength 200mcg deep inside your vagina. This dose can be taken either with or without food. After 2 hours of its intake there begins the shooting abdominal pain with heavy vaginal bleeding accompanying blood clots and chunks. This bleeding continues for few days. Then after a lapse of 14 days, you visit OB-GYN clinic for getting an abdominal Ultrasound done to confirm that no remnant is there in the uterus.  The scan shows that there is nothing present in the uterus and everything is fine with it. The Buy MTP Kit is the best solution to conclude unwanted pregnancy in women but only to the gestation of 9 weeks.

The mechanism by which medication hinders the development and expunges out pregnancy is by inhibiting the surge of progesterone hormone that is the vital requirement for supplying the oxygenated blood and nutrition to the fetus, the shedding of the endometrial lining when bought by the Mifepristone medication then there occurs the pregnancy termination.

Misoprostol pill on other tends to stimulate the uterus and urges strong contractile motions due to which the fetus lose connection with the mother uterine wall and get churned to get flushed out from the uterus in form of vaginal bleeding.

Strict instructions to be followed with medications of MTP Kit are a complete evasion of booze, tobacco smoke, caffeinated beverages and confectioneries, greasy or oily foods or those that are rich in cheese like pizza. It's important for women to undergo a gynecological examination or the ultrasound to confirm that the pregnancy she is carrying is not ectopic. Taking out IUD from the vagina is the most important step to go for. A healthy diet, proper rest, and fresh fruit juice heal the loss of blood in women thus help in her recovery.

Some obnoxious effects that women taken MTP kit online might experience are flushing, diarrhea, headache, abdominal cramps, stiffness and pain in back, intense vaginal bleeding, dizziness, restlessness, sleeplessness, trembling and pain in muscles, chills, fever and depression.