Several years before in 1967, an abortion act passed in Britain, women then were rejoiced to know that they could have an abortion without any fear of getting imprisonment. Since then millions of women choose an abortion step. Having an abortion is the personnel choice of a woman.

In some countries, abortion is still a restriction. People are challenging the anti-abortion law in cases of rape, incest, and fetus anomaly. Abortion has become a critical topic nowadays. There are two sects in society one who believe in abortion in hard circumstances and one who believes in non-abortion. After all, women should not get confused over those society dramas. It is her and only her choice whether to keep a baby or not to keep a baby. It is her body and she will decide if she can take the responsibility of a new life or not. There should not be any pressure from outside. Moreover, it is the future of the new one. No one is allowed to play with his or her future.

When a woman is not economically strong, or she already have kids, or she has been a part of incest then she can have an abortion. The best pills that are recommended those days are RU-486 Abortion Pill . Those pills are easily available and one can have an abortion in private zone. There is no pain and no fear about it. Within few days, you will be liberated with an unwanted pregnancy.   

RU-486………….generic Mifepristone

These tablets have become a choice among many. One easily avails it online; there has rarely any drawbacks bout it. This pill functions by opposing the action of progesterone hormone. This hormone is meant to be helpful in supplying the nutrition towards the fetus. Finally, the fetus is able to grow inside. On giving RU-486, three tablets Mifepristone, there is a complete cessation of the transfer of nutrition towards fetus and it leaves fetus dead.

Begin taking three tablets Mifepristone. Use via orally with water.

Strength of each Mifepristone…………….200 mg

After two days, if no abortion signs then start taking two tablets of Misoprostol. Use via orally with water.

Strength of each Misoprostol……………….200 mcg

Again after two more days, do verify your abortion completion.

Contradictory Points:

  • Never allow usage in allergic signs
  • Never allow usage in bleeding disorders or porphyria
  • Never allow the usage when taking anti-coagulants or corticosteroids
  • Never allow the usage when your age is below 18 years
  • Never allow the usage in ectopic pregnancy cases

*Safety Tips:

  • Totally disallow the use of alcohol and grapefruit juices.
  • To overcome post-abortion weakness, do use healthy diet and juices.
  • Do not do hard work immediately after abortion completion.
  • If any harmful symptoms seen then do tell the doctor.
  • Avoid driving as dizziness may happen.

Be careful about the aftereffects such as heavy vaginal flow, nausea, weakness, dizziness, drowsiness, tired feeling, back pain, loose stools, and stomach pain.

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