Abortion pill are safe and effectively used for the termination of undesired pregnancy. It is used for the termination of pregnancy which is not more than 49 days. It is made up of some synthetic compounds which prevent the hormonal action, necessary for continuation of the pregnancy. Medical termination of pregnancy is termed as the abortion. It can be done by surgical and non surgical methods. Abortion pills are comes under the category of non surgical abortion methods.

RU486, abortion pills are widely used by females for the successful termination of the pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a hormonal process which requires working of various hormones like as estrogen and progesterone. Progesterone promotes pregnancy by providing nourishment to fetus and it also useful for the attachment of fetus and uterus. Non surgical method of abortion has various advantage over the surgical method like as can be used in early stages, less pain and cost, easy and safe, effective and successful, free from the risk of infection, as it is done without any incision and cut and non surgical method also reduces the chances of female mortality.

These pills are preferred by female over surgical method due to various beneficial reasons. These pills are made up of Mifepristone. It is anti progesterone in nature. It blocks the activity of natural progesterone by inhibiting the activity of exogenous and endogenous progesterone. This results in the detachment of fetus from the uterus which results in the termination of pregnancy. Whenever Mifepristone does not acts properly, then Misoprostol is also used which allow the contraction of uterine muscles and complete detachment of fetus from the uterus. By these activities RU486 provides and effective and successful termination of the pregnancy.

Abortion pill are safe and effectively used for the termination of undesired pregnancy.

Dosing information of RU486 abortion pills

Buy RU486 online from various online drug sites. It is available in the oral tablet form, so it is administered simply with water. A female should use this medication for the termination of pregnancy of lesser than 49 days. Female should consume three tablets of Mifepristone, 200 mg each or a total dose of 600 mg of Mifepristone should be consumed as a single dose on day first. After two day female should go for clinical examination for termination of pregnancy, if pregnancy is stop then ok but in case pregnancy is still continue, then the female should consume two tablet of Misoprostol of 200 mcg each. It should be consumed by the oral route, as these acts more rapidly by the oral route. After 14 days following the consumption of Mifepristone, female should go for clinical examination for confirmation of termination of pregnancy. The dose of this medication should be consumed with care and it requires timely visit to doctor, which should be done on time.

After the administration of RU486 abortion pills some female may face some side effects of this medication; such as vomiting, stomach pain, bleeding from female reproductive organ, increased in body temperature and headache.

RU486 pills are safe abortion pills but these should not consume by some females; such as females, who are sensitive to Mifepristone and Misoprostol should not consume this medication. It should not used by females, who are suffering from certain uterine tumors, and unusual bleeding from reproductive organ.

Buy RU486 online from various online drug sites.

A female should know about some important points before the administration of this drug; such as it should be used with extra care in case of liver, heart, thyroid and adrenal related disorders. Breastfeeding females should take this drug with extra care. It should not be used with some other drugs such as warfarin, antibiotic and antidepressant compounds.

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