Birth control pills are kind of contraceptive pills, which are basically employed by the women all over the world for the prevention of unplanned pregnancy. Birth control pills are to be administered by the women on a daily basis without any gap. They are prepared by the combination of two female hormones known as Progesterone and Estrogen.

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Apart from pregnancy prevention, Birth control pills are used to treat moderate to severe acne, endometrial problem, ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, etc. It is also used by the women to regularize their menstrual cycle.

A variety of birth control pills are available in the market like-

  • Combined birth control pills (Progesterone and estrogen) - Dronis, Femilon, Mircette, Dianette, Yaz, Yasmin, Ovral-L&G.
  • Single Progestin pill (progesterone)- Norethindrone and Norethisterone
  • Emergency birth control pill or morning after pill- Unwanted 72 or Plan B
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Functioning of birth control pills-

Progesterone and Estrogen work in different ways to prevent pregnancy in female-

  • It prevents the process of ovulation in female (release of an egg from the ovary of a female)
  • It makes the changes of cervical lining and makes the tough condition for sperm meet with an egg.
  • Thickening of cervix fluid supports in the impediment in the sperm penetration and avoid the implantation.

Dosing of Birth control pills-

Birth control pills available in 28 pills pack-

21 active pills (hormonal in nature) - yellow color

8 non-active pills (non-hormonal in nature) - white color  

A female should start the consumption of birth control on the first day of your menstruation and she should take a single hormonal tablet on a regular basis up to 21 days and then after she should consume 8 non-hormonal tablets. Birth control tablet should be taken as orally with a full glass of water on a daily basis without any break. Skipping a dose of Birth control pill can increase the risk of getting pregnant.

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You should always use a backup contraceptive method like Condom if you vomit. Using Condom always reduces the risk of getting the sexually transmitted disease.

What are the possible adverse effects of Birth control pills?

Nausea, headache, irregular periods, mood swings, breast enlargement, weight changes and eye problem.

Can every female take Birth control pills?

Almost all young females can take contraceptive pills, but if you are suffering from certain medical conditions like blood clotting problem, migraine headache, certain sorts of cardiac disorders, hypertension, neurological syndrome and difficulty in walking then you should avoid the intake of birth control pills.

Certain preventive measures should be followed while using Birth control pills-

  • Avoid intake of any kind of antibiotics with Contraceptive pills as it may reduces the effectiveness of birth control pill.
  • Smoking and intake of liquors are strictly avoided with Birth control pills.
  • Girls under the age of 17 years should not take birth control pills.
  • If you vomit out after intake of Birth control then you should always use a back contraceptive method.