Peripheral neuropathy is that disorder that occurs due to damage in your peripheral system. Neuropathy is the damage to your nervous system. The common symptoms seen are as pricking sensation, numbness, weakness in muscles, and tingling. Even touch will aggravate your pain. This neuropathy distorts the transfer of sensation through the brain and spinal cord. Symptoms may be seen in months, weeks, and years. In chronic cases, symptoms progress slowly. To stop the progression of neuropathic pain at earliest, use Lyrica. This medicine will prevent your neuropathic pain within few minutes. Do not let the pain make you suffer a lot. If you leave your pain untreated then it will get precipitated more and more. It is important to correct your peripheral neuropathy with Lyrica as soon as possible when you come to know about your problem.

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Lyrica (a GENERIC Pregabalin) induces the cessation in your painful condition that begins because of the nerve injury may be due to neuropathic pain happening of diabetes, herpes zoster, and funiculus injury.

Pregabalin will function by blocking the transmission of painful impulses all through the body from the site of the affected area towards the brain center. It helps to shun the impulses that are arising inside the brain, causing seizures. After you take this medicine, there will be a complete stop in your seizures and fibromyalgia issue.

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You can get Lyrica as per different dosage strengths like 150 mg, and 300 mg.

To solve the cases of neuropathic pain that begins due to diabetic peripheral neuropathy, it is advised to use 100 mg of Lyrica thrice within whole day.

To solve the cases of Fibromyalgia, it is advised to begin the usage of 300 to 450 mg of Lyrica in the whole day.
To solve the cases of Post herpetic pain, it is advised to begin the intake of 75 mg to 150 mg of Lyrica twofold per day or 50 mg to 100 mg of Lyrica threefold per day.

To solve the cases of neuropathic pain due to funiculus injury, begin use of 150 mg to 600 mg of Lyrica in a whole day.
*Intake it with or without food

There are some contraindication that should be followed always such as


• By patients suffering from allergies due to this medicine
• By patients falling under the age of 18 years
• By patients suffering from excretory organ ailment

There are some precaution that must be followed

• There will be worsening of effects with alcoholic drinks so avoid those.
• Do tell your doctor if you have past history of a drug habit.
• In case of drowsiness, blurred vision, or vertigo prevent doing heavy work.
• Less than 18 years should never use this drug.

Report if you see Harmful Effects such as lightheadedness, weakness, sleepiness, dry mouth, changes in concupiscence, vision changes, lack of craving, difficulty in concentrating, and exhaustion.

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