Situations that gives birth to muscle pain:

**After sitting for a long time on an office desk, back muscles and erector gets tight.
**Wearing bad shoes for a long time hurts the foot.
**Due to bad sleeping posture, some muscles are stitched.
**Doing workout makes the backside area to ache.
** Writing for a long time on a daily basis makes the muscle of hands to pain.

However, we all know that unwontedly a person has to face these conditions that give rise to muscle pain. Sitting for a long time is not recommendable when it comes to our back’s health. If muscle pain is not treated in starting stage, then it gets worse after the passage of time. At the initial stage of muscle pain, a person feels a slight pain that is easily tolerable and avoidable. Due to this, most people avoid taking treatment for it but regularly doing same activities and continuously avoiding the muscle pain for a long time makes a person face severe pain and it becomes impossible for a person to wear chronic muscle pain.

Muscle pain is also known by "myalgia", it is defined as pain originating from the muscles of different body parts due to any reason. However, if it is recognized at a proper time, it can be treatable with "Pain-O Soma" medicine.

Pain-O Soma medicines are the brand pills suggested in the treatment of acute musculoskeletal pain and discomfort. It makes a person free from the uneasiness occurred due to sprain and strain or other muscle associated injury. This medicine is always advised with some physical therapies to get faster relief from muscle pain. Pain-O Soma encloses a main therapeutic agent Carisoprodol- a skeletal muscle relaxant.

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Now read about the mechanism of action, dosage, and precautions of Pain-O Soma:

Carisoprodol is placed in a category of drugs known as central nervous system depressant. It produces its sedative action by hindering the neuronal communication in between the reticular formation and spinal cord. Therefore, it acts as a muscle relaxant and changes the pain awareness. Thus, it provides relief from muscle pain to its users.

Pain-0-Soma comes in the tablet formulation in the market in two different dosing strengths of 350 mg and 500 mg. A person needs to swallow this medicine via oral route with an adequate amount of water. Absorption of this medicine does not depend on the consumption of food but it surely disturbed if you consume a fatty meal. Initially, a new user needs to start with Pain-O Soma 350mg tablets , thrice daily and depending on tolerability it may be enhanced to 500 mg, twice on daily basis. Remember you need not to increase the therapy more than 2 to 3 weeks, and highest dose of a day is 1400mg.

A continuous user of Pain-O Soma medicine may face some of the unwanted side effects like weakness, tremor, dizziness, paralysis, blurred vision, fatigue, fainting, and lack of coordination, feeling irritable, lethargy, diarrhea, gastric upset, nausea, inexact vision, chest tenderness, agitation, and confused mental state.

Be Safe!

• You are restricted not to use Pain-O-Soma tablets for a long time as it may you drug addicted.
• Alcoholic beverage along with Pain-O Soma 350 or 500 mg may cause unwanted side effects so avoid intake of both together.
• Driving should be avoided after taking Pain-O Soma medicine, as this medicine may make you dizzy.
• Pain-O Soma is only taken in the condition if you are not hypersensitive to any constituent of it.

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