Most of the time, lovemaking moment are not happened in between the couple before preplanned manner. This is an act that happens in couples suddenly or unexpectedly. The desires of having an intimacy make the relationship strong. But, an unplanned pregnancy put a full stop in their ecstatic moment of sensual moment.  

Plan B is an effective and proficient drug that successfully utilizes by a woman after having unprotected intercourse for getting prevention against unplanned pregnancy. This is an amazing oral emergency contraceptive pill, which is also termed as" Morning after pill" that contains a synthetic female hormone derivative as a core ingredient, i.e. Levonorgestrel. This core ingredient, which is a progestin derivative, is responsible to show its unbeatable effect after consumption.

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This is a single oral dosage form that contains 1.5 mg dose of active ingredient. This dosage form reveals 95 % success rate against unwanted pregnancy, if it taken by a woman within 24 hours of unsecured intimacy. The effectiveness of this drug is decreased along with time, i.e. the therapeutic effect of this drug reduces to 89%, if it is taken after 24 hours. But one thing always keep in mind that you must take this drug within 72 hours of unprotected conception; as this drug does not shows any significant action after 3 days.

This dosage form does not provide any beneficial action to induce abortion after pregnancy, it only works to prevent pregnancy. This dosage form does not inhibit the growth of fetus, once the implantation takes place. So it is beneficial to avoid taking this drug, if you are already pregnant.

This is a birth control pill, which should be taken to avoid the chances of pregnancy to happen after conception through its beneficial action. This drugs works by preventing or delaying ovulation, which successfully prevents the fertilization between egg and sperm and also affecting the implantation of blastocyst.   

This dosage form should be taken via oral route, with the consumption of drinking water, with or without food.  A single dose of this drug should be taken within the 3 days interval after unprotected lovemaking. In case a woman vomits within 2 hours of consuming this drug, then she has to take one more pill of this dosage form. 

But should not take more or overdose dose of this dosage form because this can cause severe nausea and vomiting.

There are some side effects that may occur due to the consumption of this dosage form like breast tenderness, fatigue, headache, dizziness, changes in menstrual cycle, diarrhea and abdominal pain.

 Important information while taking Plan B:

This dosage form is only meant for women, who are over the age 17 years.

The active ingredient of this drug can pass into the breast milk, so it is beneficial to avoid breastfeeding while taking this drug.

The consumption of this drug is not beneficial, if a woman having hypersensitivity problem to this drug, over the weight of 165 pounds and abnormal vaginal bleeding.

 There are certain medicines that can interact with this drug are anti epileptic drugs, herbal preparations and barbiturates.

Don't take this drug as a regular manner.

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