You are in the full bloom of your career and you set a goal to achieve. For this, you have to work hard day and night to fulfill your dream. You are enjoying your intimate life and your relationship is stable. In the mean time, having a having a baby changes everything. You find you don’t have time for, just about anything else. Having a baby is doubly difficult because you don't have enough time to take the responsibility of the child. What’s more, no matter how much you and your partner love each other, but the certain parental responsibilities are required to support your child such financial responsibility, medical and educational expenses. If you're financially unstable or your career is not is not established, then it is very difficult to cope with the pregnancy.


Life has no guarantees; you never know what will happen in future. If you are suffering from financial crisis, relationship issues or instability in your career, but you decided to still carry out your pregnancy. It is obvious that in the future, you and your child are going to suffer. Your child not going to get proper parental care and this causes negative impacts on the growth of the child. Don’t do this! If you decided to carry out pregnancy then it is probably going to end up making your life a whole lot worse. It is better for you to avoid yourself from getting pregnancy before you achieve your future prospects, but in case you get pregnant then you can abort your pregnancy with the help of MTP Kit. "Buy MTP Kit from our online pharmacy at the lowest rate with maximum discounts"

MTP Kit is a safe, reliable, economical and secure method of an abortion. MTP Kit is used in the wrapping up an early pregnancy of 63 days of the gestation period. MTP Kit consists of two important medicines known as Mifepristone and Misoprostol.

Mifepristone works by blocking the activity of Progesterone and inhibits the growth of the fetus. It causes the shedding of the endometrial wall and causes the removal of the fetus from the uterine wall. Mifepristone also helps in the dilation and softening of the cervix, so that a fetus can easily be expelled from the uterus. Misoprostol can function by inducing uterine contractions and leads to the expulsion of a fetus along with blood clots and dead cells.

You should follow this dosing regimen of MTP Kit for the complete termination of an early pregnancy. You have to take one tablet of Mifepristone (200 mg) orally on an empty stomach with a glassful of water. Again, you have to take four tablets of Misoprostol (each 200 mcg) either orally or vaginally two after the consumption of Mifepristone. Finally, you have to follow with an ultrasonography test fourteen days after taking Mifepristone for the confirmation of an abortion.

You can come across some side effects of MTP Kit such as heavy vaginal bleeding, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, muscle cramps, tummy ache, chills, muscle ache, and pelvic pain. These side effects may get disappear after an abortion.

Be attentive!!!

You have to follow some precautions for safety and efficacy purpose, such as don't use MTP Kit if you are hypersensitive to any ingredient present in the MTP kit; you should avoid using MTP Kit, if you are suffering from abnormal vaginal bleeding; avoid the use of an intrauterine device for a few weeks after the abortion; you are advised not to consume this medicine in case you have an ectopic pregnancy, you should avoid the consumption of alcohol while using this medication as it can cause severe dizziness.

MTP kit is a well-known and widely used kit for the conclusion of an early pregnancy. Order MTP kit online from our online pharmacy store at a reasonable price and have a safe and private abortion.