No one can explain the definition of happiness after having a new about pregnancy of a woman; as it fulfill the all dreams of couples and also brings some responsibilities towards her child. But due to some circumstances numbers of couples are not ready to hold such responsibilities and they decide to abort pregnancy like family issues, financial issues, marital issues, already have complete family, failure of contraceptive methods, forced intercourse or rapped and health risk.

After having an unwishful pregnancy, then a couple has two choices for excluding their pregnancy either by surgical abortion or by medical abortion. If you are going to have surgical abortion, then it requires aborting your child by doing surgery with clinical tools and anesthesia. This can also disclose your abortion or identity ahead of other.  But if you want to terminate your pregnancy via medical method, then the termination is done by using various abortifacient drugs, which is intended to cause abortion, without any help of other or supervision and also can be done at home.

Buy Mifepristone abortion

Mifepristone is an effective abortion pill that utilizes to assure your termination of early pregnancy.

Mifepristone is an excellent approach that theoretically comes under the class of abortifacient drug. This is a synthetic derivative of female hormone, which serves its beneficial action by dropping the supply of oxygen and nourishment to the unborn child for inducing cell or embryo death. This dosage form works effectively within 49 days of pregnancy. It is also distributed by the brand name of Korlym, RU 486 and Mifeprex.

How Mifepristone shows its therapeutic effect?

This dosage form is an exceptional agent for excluding the undesired pregnancy and is easily accessible by a woman to conduct the stress free abortion. This dosage form is helpful to promote feticide by altering the uterine lining and cervical mucus, which is caused due to the inhibition of activity of progesterone; due to this activity this drug pharmacologically belongs to the progesterone inhibitor.  

Composition of Mifepristone: This dosage form contains 3 tablets of this drug and each tablet of this contains 200 mg of active ingredient.


How should you take Mifepristone abortion pill?

This drug should be consumed via oral route along with drinking a glass of water. This dosage form should be taken as a recommended manner, i.e. 3 tablets collectively within the period of first 49 days of pregnancy. After two days, visit into a clinic for a pregnancy test or check it at home. If you are still pregnant then take recommended dose of Misoprostol, on the 3 day of Mifepristone dose.

There are some common adverse effect that may develop after consuming this dosage form like nasal congestion, nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps, muscle pain, weakness, heavy vaginal bleeding and loss of appetite.   

Important facts that your must know while having this medication:

Breast feeding should be avoided before taking this medication; as active ingredient of this drug passes into the breast milk and can cause severe health issues to the health of the child.

You should not consume this dosage form until you are not confirmed about your pregnancy.

This medication should not be taken after 7 weeks of pregnancy; as it becomes ineffective after that period and may cause severe issues towards pregnancy.

A woman should go for a pelvic examination on the same day of taking progesterone inhibitor derivative.

You must consume healthy diet and supplements that majorly contains vitamins, irons and minerals, after consuming this dosage form, to prevent the symptoms occurs due to heavy blood loss like anemia.

Where you can buy Mifepristone abortion pill?

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