You must choose pregnancy when you are mentally and physically ready. When you desire and dream of your baby desperately then only bring that child into this world. If he or she is wanted, it should be kept inside. There is no point of keeping your baby alive inside your womb when you do not require your baby. If you are disappointed to know about your pregnancy then what is the fun of keeping it. If it is unwanted and undesired then it should be aborted as early as possible.

Abortion is possible only when your pregnancy is less than 9 weeks. In case it is more than that then no option of abortion is there. You should decide early when you know about your conception. There are many medicines available in the market but among them, those pills are the worth for carrying your abortion step. With the assistance of MTP KIT Cipla, you will be relieved from your gestation. One can take those pills at home or in hospital. It is an easy way of getting your fetus aborted.

MTP KIT: Mifepristone and Misoprostol

This kit is termed for usage among women who are falling below 9 weeks gestation time. This kit has special ingredients that expel your fetus easily and safely. Mifepristone acts over progesterone hormone. This hormone is released by ovaries and adrenal glands and helps in supplying nutrition towards your fetus. This keeps up your pregnancy alive. Mifepristone counters the progesterone hormone function and makes your fetus dead. Misoprostol induces dilation and contraction of uterus finally expelling out a fetus from your womb.

Have single pill Mifepristone each having strength about 200 mg. One can take it orally with water. Keep a break of about two days and then on the third day Have four pills Misoprostol each having strength about 200 mcg. One can take it orally with water or via vaginally. Keep again break for 14 days and then on the 14th day have a physical examination to confirm your gestation timings.

Contradictory points that are needed to be followed:

  • Make sure to never use this while you have ectopic gestation.
  • Make sure to never use this while you have any sort of allergic reaction.
  • Make sure to never use this while you use anti-coagulants and corticosteroids.
  • Make sure to never use this while you are prone to bleeding disorder and porphyria.

Precautionary features that has to be followed and taken care of:

  • Stop usage of alcohol and grapefruit juice as those drinks will bring harmful effects.
  • Chances of heavy dizziness are there so be away from difficult tasks.
  • Weakness may appear so have healthy diet and juices.
  • It is important to take out your IUD's before having an abortion step.

One may have after effects with the use of this and those are as weakness, vaginal bleeding, nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps, belly pain, and dizziness.

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