Unplanned pregnancy is very common since the process of conception and fertilization begins. Earlier days, it was not possible to get the access easily for unwanted pregnancy termination but as the generation-by-generation development happens, advancement in the access of safe, private, and protected termination ahs led the world into a different pace. With the enhancement of knowledge and awareness, nowadays, almost every woman used to have abortion pills for their undesired pregnancy termination. In older times, a woman generally used natural methods if possible but those were not always successful. Other than natural techniques, a woman used to start the surgical procedure that needs hospitalization. Some women even do not go for surgical procedures because of the fear of surgical instruments and sometimes due to the guilt of premarital pregnancy. Surgical procedures are somewhat harmful to the women. Therefore, you should opt for a right way to end your pregnancy safely and privately without any guilt, fear, or nervousness.

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Medical abortion with abortion pill is the safe and the best choice over the surgical method of abortion without any need of painful injections. Mifepristone is a well-renowned medication used widely among women for medical abortion. Order your Mifepristone pill online at reasonable rates and exciting deals from our online drug portal.

Mifepristone is the best choice for the safe and private abortion of not more than 9 weeks or 63 days of pregnancy. Marketed preparation of Mifepristone is available in the form of pills and each pill is of 200 mg strength.  When a user chooses Mifepristone as an abortion method, she needs to consume 3pills of Mifepristone as a single dose via oral route with the aid of water and especially on an empty stomach. Mifepristone works to block the working of progesterone hormone, as it is vital for a pregnancy. Due to inhibition of progesterone hormone, uterine wall sheds and detaches the fetus from the wall lining that makes your fetus fragmented signaling the end of pregnancy. Later on, vaginal bleeding starts indicating the expulsion of the fragmented fetus in the form of blood clots after the contraction of the uterus and the opening of the cervix. After 2 days of Mifepristone ingestion, the woman is advised to go for medical examinations to check whether the abortion is complete or not. If in case, you diagnose incomplete then, you are recommended to take two pills of Misoprostol in a single dose (each pill of 200mcg), either orally or by inserting through vaginally followed by medical examination again after 2 days for complete verification of abortion. 

Bleeding and abdominal cramps are the first signs of abortion that a woman feels according to her pregnancy duration. Other negative effects that a woman may suffer from include nausea, vomiting, headache, back pain, mood swings, or sleepiness. Vaginal bleeding is the first sign of abortion. This bleeding comprises of the blood clots. When the abortion is complete, these effects will gradually decline.

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While consuming Mifepristone for medical abortion, a woman should have to consider some safety measures like removal of IUD (intrauterine device) before using the pills, healthy diet, and proper rest with the prevention of lifting heavy objects and use of any other medicine with abortion pills. Before initiating your abortion of unwanted pregnancy, make sure that your pregnancy is not ectopic (pregnancy outside the uterus), your age should be more than 18 years, you do not have oversensitivity towards Mifepristone or Misoprostol, and you are not having any medical condition of the heart, liver, kidney, blood-related, and blood pressure.

After the abortion, the chances of pregnancy occurrence are very high, so take preventive measures to prevent pregnancy until you stop the bleeding or it can cause infection. To get well soon, you should not use tobacco and alcoholic beverages or these can interact with the abortion pills and can increase your side effects.

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