Every woman wants to enjoy the motherhood in her life. But, because of some conditions, the termination of pregnancy becomes important. The termination of uninvited pregnancy is known as Abortion.Abortion is a very tough decision for a particular woman. She has to face the trouble of mental and physical disturbance. There are many conditions responsible for the termination of unwanted pregnancy like a failure of contraception, the unfortunate financial condition of parents, the impoverished psychological condition of the mother. When the pregnancy occurs because of forced rape or sexual assault, termination of pregnancy becomes necessary. Mostly unwed teenagers become the culprit of undesirable pregnancy.

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For society, unwed pregnancy is a curse and an act of shame and embarrassment for a particular person. Physical intimacy act before marriage is a kind of crime in the sight of the society. A particular woman, who is facing the condition of unwed pregnancy, may have to suffer from the condition of dishonor and humiliation.

Abortion may perform with the help of two methods given below- Clinical devices and anesthesia are used in the surgical method of termination of pregnancy. It is a painful process so most of the women evade this method. Certain medicines are used in the medical method of termination of pregnancy. It is a pain-free method so most of the woman prefers this method in spite of surgical method. Several drugs are available for the termination of unwanted pregnancy of 7 weeks.

Some abortion pills contain generic Mifepristone (Mifeprex), which belongs to the class of prostaglandin. The mechanism of generic Mifepristone is to block the action of progesterone hormone, which is vital for the maintenance of pregnancy. In the case of consumption of generic Mifepristone, you can take 3 tablets of Mifepristone (200mg each), as a single dose, via the oral route. After 2 days of the medication, go for a medical check-up to get assure about the termination of pregnancy. After consuming the dose of Mifeprex, you may feel some side effects such as a headache, stomach pain, vomiting, nausea, tiredness, drowsiness, loss of appetite, and mood alterations. In the case of severe vaginal bleeding, call for the medical help as soon as possible.

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