Abortion pills are the method of pregnancy termination that includes the use of medical pills. It is composed of Mifepristone and Misoprostol as a main functional component, which is approved by the FDA for the abortion. It is used for the termination of early pregnancy, grooming fetus or pregnancy tissue of 7 to 9 weeks. It comes under the medical method of abortion, which is popular as of its pain-free and private method of abortion.

Brands of abortion pills

The drug encloses of Mifepristone as active moiety used for 7 weeks of termination include of

The drug enclose of Misoprostol also conclude 7 weeks of gestation consists of

While the combination of Mifepristone and Misoprostol is taken for the 9 weeks of gestation i.e.

Working action of Abortion pills

Abortion pills produce the success rate of 98% if taken in combination i.e. Mifepristone is consumed followed by intake of Misoprostol. First, the intake of Mifepristone when done on empty stomach with water causes the hampering of progesterone hormone essential for pregnancy. These further cause the shedding of uterus lining so that fetus becomes softer inside the womb and easy to take out from the womb. Women may experience slight bleeding after drug intake, but not everyone experiences the same. After a gap of 2 days, when the Misoprostol is taken vaginally it produces the contraction of the uterus so that fetus ejects out from the womb. The intake of Misoprostol causes the vaginal bleeding and fetus eject out along with bleeding or blood clot.

Dosage method of Abortion pills

The dosage intake of the drug may vary depending upon the brand of abortion pills. If taking the brand of Mifepristone then women have to take 3 small tablets of Mifepristone 200mg encloses in a single pack orally with water followed by health checkup after 48 hours for affirmation of abortion. If chances of incomplete abortion occur then take the two tablets of Misoprostol followed by health checkup.

While taking Misoprostol brand, take the 12 tablets of 200mcg by making a bunch of 4 tablets at a regular gap of 5 hours in a day. The drug intake should be followed by checkup to the doctor for abortion verification.

In case of MTP KIT, take one pill of Mifepristone 200mg subsequent to the intake of 4 pills of 200mcg of misoprostol vaginally after 48 hours of Mifepristone intake. Counting from the first day of Mifepristone, on completion of the 14th-day women have to visit the doctor for abortion verification.

Although, the women may notice some side effects like as of breast tenderness, body pain, nausea, vomiting, headache, pelvic pain, vaginal discharge, watery discharge, and spotting. Thus, women have to stop the intake of alcohol, fatty food, smoking and grapefruit juices. The women must avoid taking part in swimming, driving, and gym like activity. Do not perform the termination of pregnancy outside the womb with abortion pills. Do not use IUD device as birth control while performing an abortion.

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