Female...A signature of love and care is defined in single term when she turns to "mother". Women who want to bear kid understand the condition of freedom and ability to decide the wish to bear one. It is fundamental right to her. Family planning services and abortion is measure to abort or avoid pregnancy, here is solution for your prevailing problem, take home abortion pills having hormones which abort the pregnancy effectively.


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The question is that why abortion is condition approach to any individual:

  • Lack of information or family planning may lead to pregnancy.
  • If contraceptive facilities are adequate or meet the demand of couple one may approach the measures for preventing pregnancy.
  • The female life under threat if she pursues the pregnancy, preexisting condition that bring complication in pregnancy.
  • In case of inadvertent pregnancy both the couples concern is required for carrying the pregnancy and parenthood.
  • Poverty and lack of ample prenatal and delivery services and thus one may not pursue the pregnancy on behalf of safe motherhood.
  • Any condition which may bring birth defect to the baby.

The drug is very adept to promote medical termination safely without getting into any surgical procedures. The drug contains two active core medicines, Mifepristone and Misoprostol served in a kit form, where it contains 1 tablet of Mifepristone having 200mg of it and 200mcg of Misoprostol. The medication does not need any anesthesia during medical termination.

The drug will bring help to the pregnant lady as the drug:

Mifepristone- It has anti-progesterone activity which stops the natural (progesterone) female hormone to alteration of uterus lining, promotes the detachment of uterus lining and makes the cervix relaxed which results in termination of undesired pregnancy.

Misoprostol- It is a selective prostaglandin receptor agonist, which makes turbulence in uterus and expels out the dead fetus with the heavy bleeding.

One may take the medication in following way:

On day 1- administer one tablet of Mifepristone with empty stomach along with a glass of water.

On day 3- take four tablets of Misoprostol as unit dose along with water which promotes bleeding within 6-8 hours after consumption of medication.

On 14 day- patient should check nearby doctor for the confirmation of the abortion.

The abortion pills are restricted in certain conditions:

If individual is hypersensitive to the drug ingredient. One should not take the drug if you are suffering any blood and cardiac disorder or suffer heavy bleeding disorder. Patient bearing ectopic pregnancy should not take abortion pill. One should not take the drug if one is having IUD implanted.

Precautions and safety measures to follow while administering the abortion pills:

Female should not perform any physical exercise and work and that brings pressure on lower abdominal region.
Consume healthy diet which contains complete nutrition like proteins, minerals, and vitamins after the process of abortion.
You should avoid the physical intercourse for some days as it may bring chances of infection.
You should avoid abortion pill in pregnancy which exceeds 63 days.

"Buy abortion pill onlineand perform Home abortion easily"