Abortion is a way to end an undesired pregnancy. The news about getting pregnant can be good or bad for a female. It is good news for a female who wants to conceive. But it's a bad news for a female who get pregnant accidentally. The undesired pregnancy can be occurred due innumerable reasons such as failure of birth control device, forced intercourse. For ending such situation only abortion is an option.

Abortion usually categorized as induce abortion and spontaneous abortion. Spontaneous abortion, occur by itself such as miscarriage. Whereas in induce abortion, females terminate the pregnancy either by surgery or by taking pills.

Surgical abortion is a way in which the fetus is removed from the mother's womb by a scraping action with the help of sharp edge surgical instrument such as curette. Surgical abortion is really very painful and involves anesthesia. To overcome the fear and pain of surgical abortion, researcher discovered a very safe and secure medication Mifeprex. Don't take this drug in case of ectopic pregnancy or pregnancy longer than 63 days. Buy Mifeprex online to induce abortion like miscarriage.

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Know about Mifeprex Kit Drug

Mifeprex is a brand containing Mifepristone as an oral drug. It is indicated for termination of pregnancy less than 63 days. Before or after taking Mifeprex, female should follow some precautionary steps such as-

  • The female should take healthy diet rich in Vitamins, Minerals and iron to avoid incident of anemia. She should take complete rest.
  • After an abortion, to get fastest recovery Take antibiotic properly prescribed to you. As it protects you from getting an infection.
  • Don't get engaged in the sensual session and put anything in the vagina like douches or tampons as it may cause vaginal infection after an abortion.
  • Don't swim in an open pound, as bacteria can enter through the vagina.
  • Avoid lifting of heavy objects over 15 pounds for 14 days.
  • Avoid the intake of alcohol and smoking.

Dosage and Direction  of Mifeprex

Mifeprex is a best and an effective way to terminate pregnancy of less than 63 days in a safe and secure way. The female should take off their IUD devices before taking Mifeprex. The female before taking Mifeprex should be confirmed about the location and duration of pregnancy. Don't take Mifeprex in case of ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy in the fallopian tube) and gestation period longer than 63 days. 3 pills of Mifeprex (200mg) should be taken via the oral route with an empty stomach. Mifepristone is an active component of Mifeprex which comes under the class of anti-progesterone which terminate pregnancy by blocking the activity of pregnancy hormone progesterone, which is required in the development and maintenance of pregnancy, as in providing nutrient and oxygen to the fetus. After 2 days of taking Mifeprex, visit the nearby clinic to get confirmation of a complete ending of pregnancy. The female should never take this drug with alcohol.

After an abortion, the female usually experience bleeding, muscle cramp and fever. However in case of excess vaginal bleeding or persistent fever for more than 100.2 F, the patient should take medical help immediately. The female can take Ibuprofen to ease muscle pain but avoid the intake of Aspirin as it may increase the risk of vaginal bleeding.


In case of no bleeding or incomplete termination take medical help.

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