Sophia was in love with Scott from last 3 months. Sophia was staying with her family, and her family does not like Scott. Therefore, they always tried to understand her that Scott is not a right person for her.  It was her 20th birthday, so she had been out for the night with Scott to celebrate her birthday. Scott arranges a small party for her; he arranged drinks, music for her.  Next morning, she was not just feeling herself; she kept throwing up and was feeling dizzy. She tried to remember about her last night, and then she found she had drunk last night with Scott where both got intimate with each other. She did not found it wrong, as she loves him. After few days she started to feel sick, even she had missed her periods. When Sophia told Scott about her condition, he took her immediately to doctor's clinic. In addition, after some tests doctor told them "she was pregnant". They could not believe it. She was not in a condition to tell her family about pregnancy, as Scott needed some time to make understand her family about his love.  Therefore, he insisted her to undergo an abortion.  They came to a decision to abort without really thinking about things thoroughly.  The first question came in her mind, how she can terminate her pregnancy without letting her family know. As if her family, know it could be a big disaster for both of them. Sophia was tensed, as she does not want to go for abortion in a hospital. In her views, surgical abortion is the worst experience a female can go through. Therefore, Scott searched on the internet and luckily found "MTP Abortion Kit". Both read about the kit and found this an effective and safest way to terminate the pregnancy.  He ordered "MTP Abortion Kit" from our online portal and got the kit at his doorstep with the fastest shipping. After using kit she had successfully terminated her pregnancy at home in a private manner.

In Sophia's words, she had a very positive experience.  She also recommended this kit to her friend. If you are concerned about your unwanted pregnancy in a private and safe manner, the solution is here. You did not need anyone's assistance and you can have it by yourself.

"MTP Abortion Kit" is also known as medical termination of pregnancy or abortion pill. It is recommended for terminating an unwanted pregnancy. This kit is FDA approved and is having high safety protocol. It is completely certified and is an effective way to end an unwanted pregnancy up to 63 days of fertilization.


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"MTP Abortion Kit" is a hormone inhibitor. It inhibits the progesterone hormone due to which nutrients supplement supply to growing embryo and uterine wall stops. Because of this, embryo and endometrial gets detached, shed and results in termination of pregnancy. After this, Misoprostol pill causes contraction of uterus and widening of the cervix, which causes abortion contents removal in form of blood clots and bleeding from the vagina.

"MTP Abortion Kit" contains one tablet of Mifepristone 200 mg and four pills of Misoprostol 200mcg each.

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Day 1: You can have one tablet of Mifepristone with one glass of water to be swallowed via oral route of administration on an empty stomach

Day 3: You can have four tablets of Misoprostol via oral route or vaginal insertion.

Day 14: Tell your doctor for a medical examination to be sure abortion is complete or not.  

You can find sick effects by using this medication like trouble in menstrual bleeding, vaginal discomfort, blood spotting, and headache; stomach upset, inflammation in your hands, ankles, or feet.


  • Do not smoke a cigarette while taking this kit.
  • Consult your doctor in case of heavy bleeding.
  • Do not take this kit in case of any medical condition like cardiovascular, renal or hepatic disorder.
  • Intake of alcohol is prohibited in case of using MTP Abortion Kit