When a certain muscle or a group of muscles or many groups of muscles begin to contract in episodes or jerk involuntarily, the condition is termed as Muscle Twitching. The condition sometimes turns so severe that even if your relax or put some heating pad over the region you do not get any relaxation, your muscles will continue to do twitching which might reside in your body for few minutes to hours, or might endure for days, weeks, or to indefinite duration. It is common to observe muscle twitching worsening in the nighttime when you are trying to take rest or want to sleep. Muscle twitching might resume after you wake up in morning and put your feet over the floor to stand.

It's not that like that your legs or arms muscle can get this twitching but it can develop in any muscle of the body including those in shoulders, back, chest, abdomen, stomach, hands, fingers, legs, feet, toes, groin, genitalia, head, face, eyes, mouth, neck, esophagus, arms and in other regions too.

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The extent of twitching go higher or worsen when you are suffering from anxiety disorder then along with twitching of muscles you will feel pins and needles, tingling and weakness in muscles due to the buildup of an excess of stress within the body. So, soon you empower control over your panic pain of nerve twitching soon you get better, keeping yourself low in stress by doing meditation or mediation will surely bring down your anxious level which will improvise your health. Therefore, don't let your disorder with enough time to grow in adverse and hit you bad so hit back your pain of muscle twitching by giving the person a medicine Carisoprodol.

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Carisoprodol is the USFDA approved a medicine for managing muscular pain due to spasm, strain, sprain, muscle pulling, stretching, fatigue, and twitching. Mechanism via Carisoprodol functions is arresting the neural senses of pain to meet to brain from region of origin of pain. Thus, guards the patient to sense any pain, therefore, allows him to perform his daily task smoothly without any agitation of pain in the body.

Carisoprodol available in strength 350mg needs to be repeated 3 times a day whereas Carisoprodol in 500mg strength needs to be repeated 2 times a day. Take this medicine before or after taking the food. The max dosing of Carisoprodol up to you can go is 1400mg a day in case of adult patient & 700mg if a person is geriatric.

Else, have to face certain short-term side effects includes giddiness, drowsiness, insomnia, aggravation, hiccups, and indigestion. Pregnant women can take Carisoprodol only if GP suggests. Alcohol, smoke, and caffeine might stimulate the adverse effects of Carisoprodol in patients. Do not give this medicine to children under 12 years of age.

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