Today, teenage pregnancy is one of the major social problems in every developed as well as developing nation. According to research by CCCN team found out that getting pregnant at a young age, have adverse effects and consequences on the person or victim, family, and the society as a whole. Many girls who get pregnant at a young age are not able to complete their higher education. Teenage pregnancy violates the reproductive rights of girls, with serious outcomes in terms of sensual and reproductive health, and poses high growth costs for societies, predominantly in perpetuating the cycle of poverty. Teenage pregnancy also creates health complications in young girls, as they are physically or emotionally not ready for pregnancy and childbirth creates complications and malnutrition as the mass of young girls tend to come from lower-income households.

Early motherhood can affect the psychosocial and physical growth of the child. The children of young mothers are less likely to get proper parental care that put them at higher risk of intellectual, language, and socio-emotional delays. This creates developmental disabilities and behavioral issues in children born to teen mothers. These days, teenage pregnancy is the biggest matter of concern, so we have tried and still trying to find solutions to it. Fortunately, the introduction of medical abortion pills like RU486 provides a sense of relief in young girls who are carrying an unintentional pregnancy.

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 RU486 is one of the best and reliable medical abortion method used in the conclusion of an early pregnancy of fewer than 7 weeks of gestation. This medicine is quite safe for women who want to carry out an abortion at their home without taking any help from healthcare professionals. Mifepristone is a key ingredient of RU486 abortion pills.

Mifepristone (an anti-progestin) inhibits the further inhibition of the growth of a fetus by blocking the activity of Mifepristone. The decline in the body's progesterone level causes the shedding of the uterine wall that removes a fetus from the mother's womb. Mifepristone also causes the cervix to relax and dilate for the easy exclusion of a fetus out of the mother's womb. It causes the uterine wall to contract in a vigorous way those results in the expulsion of a fetus out of the mother's womb.

RU486 pack encloses three Mifepristone pill (each 200mg) and for complete abortion, this dosing plan should be followed. On day one, take three Mifepristone pill orally on an empty stomach, with an ample quantity of water. On day three, follow with a clinical visit for the affirmation of an abortion. If pregnancy is not completely concluded, then take two Misoprostol pills (each 200mcg) via the oral or vaginal route. On the fifth day, follow with a clinical visit for the final confirmation of an abortion.

RU486 abortion pill can safely execute an abortion, but its use may cause some common undesired effects such as giddiness, headache, diarrhea, stomach pain, vaginal discharge, back pain, vomiting, nausea, and fatigue. These undesired effects are temporary and may get faded with time.

Be Attentive!

• Do not use RU486 abortion pill to terminate an ectopic pregnancy or pregnancy of more than 7 weeks of gestation.
• Do not use RU486 abortion pill to execute an abortion if you are allergic to generic Mifepristone or other ingredients of RU486.
• One who undergoes an abortion should consume healthy and nutritious diets to recover the losses occurred during an abortion.
• A woman needs to remove an intrauterine device before executing an abortion if she uses it.

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