MTP KIT is one of the amazing medications of abortion pills for the termination of early stage pregnancy of 9 weeks by the medical means. It is a combinational drug of Mifepristone and Misoprostol; an FDA approved and clinically tested medication for the abortion. It provides you the assurance of 98% of abortion of rate.

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Maria a pretty, young women of 29 execute her very first abortion with the help of MTP KIT. She was not aware of her pregnancy but came to know about her pregnancy after missing her monthly period in continuation of 2 months. When in the first month, she missed her period, that time she thinks may be because of stress and diet she was not getting periods. When again she missed, her period then she gets worried and rushes for a pregnancy test as she was in a physical relationship with her Boyfriend. She gets panic when it shows positive results. She immediately called her boyfriend; luckily, her boyfriend was serious for her and supports her in every battle of life. Then, they go for Sonography to confirm the pregnancy duration and let to know about her 8 weeks of pregnancy. Immediately, they purchase MTP kitto execute safe and private abortion at home.

Mifepristone comes under the category of progesterone hormone. It shows its action by blocking the working of progesterone hormone essential to carry out pregnancy and delivery of nutrients or oxygen required for fetus growth. It helps in flaking of uterus lining so that baby gets detached easily from the mother womb. In addition, Misoprostol being Prostaglandin supports in contraction of the uterus and push out the fetus out of the womb in the form of vaginal bleeding or blood cramps.

MTP KIT pack of five pills encloses of one tablet of Mifepristone 200mg and 4 tablets of Misoprostol 200mcg. It is a two-step process and women must have to follow the right procedure for pregnancy termination.

On day one: take the one dose of 200mg orally by gulping with enough amount of water, most probably on empty stomach.

On day third: take the 4 tablets of 200mcg either orally or vaginally as a single dose and take complete rest for 24hours, as heavy vaginal bleeding would take place.

On day 14th: go to the nearby hospital for the confirmation of abortion done by Sonography.

However, women may experience some adverse effects of breast tenderness, change in sexual drive, body pain, stomach pain or indigestion, headache, vomiting, vaginal bleeding, irregular periods and spotting. Therefore, women must have to take complete rest and healthy diet to reduce the drug side effects. Other than this, do not use MTP Kit for the termination of ectopic pregnancy. Do not place any intrauterine device inside the uterus while abortion. Stay away from the intake of alcohol, fatty food, and grapefruit juices when abortion. Do not make sexual contact with a partner for the period of 15 days; else, it may increase the chances of pregnancy.

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