Some women cherish motherhood and some do not. Those who are desperate to have their own kids in their lives are eager to have young ones in their lives. They take all possible measures for their pregnancy. Now we will come to those cases where women oppose her pregnancy. In our clinic many such cases come. Some cases are of rape victims, those women who have got conceived against their wish due to unlawful act prefers an abortion. Carrying an unwanted child without bearing father's name is difficult for such women. Hence, she opts for an abortion with safest measure as MTP KIT. This wonderful medication helps out women to conclude her gestation with ease means painlessly. No anti-abortion group can raise its voice. It is wish of a mother whether to have child or not. It is her choice and her body.   

RU-486 Abortion Pill a well-known medication meant to be useful for ending your gestation of below 7 weeks. This medicine is improved to be helpful in bringing about an abortion of your undesired pregnancy. It works over hormone progesterone and hence shuns the nutrition supply to fetus. Finally leading to death of your fetus. Misoprostol leads to dilation and contraction of uterus resulting in expulsion of your fetus. In this way, your abortion is successful and complete.

Have Three Pill of Mifepristone with water. Each comprising of strength of about 200 mg. Have it orally. Maintain a gap of two days and on day three, if abortion does not happen then do have Two Pills of Misoprostol with water. Each comprising of strength of about 200-mcg. Have it orally with water or vaginally. Maintain a gap of two days and after two days do verify your abortion step.

Things that are needed to be contraindicated while usage of this medicine:

  • One should not use those pills when they are having allergic reactions.
  • One should not use those pills when their age lies below 18 years.
  • One should not use those pills when gestation is ectopic.
  • One should not use those pills when using Anti-coagulants and Corticosteroids.
  • One should not use those pills when having bleeding disorder or porphyria's.

 Precautions one has to keep following always while using this medicine:

  • Do not drink alcohol as this will interact and produce bad results.
  • Never use grapefruit juice as this will also result in worse effects.
  • Take your IUD's out prior to an abortion.
  • Heavy dizzy feeling is possible after an abortion so be away from vigorous activities.

There are quite greatest possibilities of after effects with this medicines such as belly pain, vaginal bleeding, nausea, vomiting, muscle pain, vaginal cramps, weakness, back pain, vaginal cramps, and dizziness.

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