Eyes without an eyelash looks naked and attracts none towards them rather can horrify the other person who seeks into them. Every person eye is different from the other. Eye is the most important sense organ of our body that is crucial for the beauty of the person. Eyes are the window to our soul as they expresses the truth or the real you or what you are feeling from deep inside at any span of time can easily be expressed by the emotions shown by the eyes. At a time you can control your emotions, disguise your facial expressions under the cute looking smile but you cannot disguise the emotions of the eyes. An eye does not have the power to speak but their communication is faultless. They do not seek any word to express their emotions. An eye surrounded by long, dark and hazy eyelashes attracts the person to the most whereas opposite can haunt the other person and can provide you the furious look. That can hinder the unknown persons to be friend with you. Beautiful eyes surrounded by hazy and dark colored eyelashes can grab the attraction of any beholder. So, beautify your persona with Latisse Eye drop and counter you medical condition of hypotrichosis or madarosis of eyelashes.

Latisse is an ophthalmic solution that embodies generic Bimatoprost as its active functional module. The medication is prostaglandin analog that boasts of its effect only on the site of application that is on the eyelids. The ophthalmic solution when applied over the eyelids by stretching a single line from inwards to the outer edge of the upper eyelid with the aid of an applicator brush, it tends to depict its effect by stretching the Anagen phase and shortening the Telogen phase of the eyelash hair. Thus, embellish your eyes with long, dark and hazy eyelashes.

The people suffering from hypotrichosis of eyelashes can cure their condition by daily applying the Latisse ophthalmic solution once before getting to bed or sleep in the night but after the removal of any traces of makeup or taking out the contact lenses from within the eyes. Do not apply the solution to your lower lash, as it will get self-applied when you apply the medication over your upper eyelid. Wipe off excess Latisse solution from the region else, it might cause the unnecessary hair growth.

Latisse Eye Drop For Hypotrichosis

Some adverse effects that a person might get after the application of Latisse eyed drop over the eyelids short-term blurred vision, giddiness, iris pigmentation, headache, sense of warmth in the applied region, enhanced sensitivity to light, irritation, redness, itching or feeling of something is there in the eyes.

A person using the Latisse Eye drop must maintain a gap of 15 minutes between the two different medications being used for different purposes. A person should take out the contact lenses from within the eyes. Pregnant or nursing mothers should not instill the eye drops into their eyes without seeking the physician advice. If in case the patient is having any allergy of eyes or develop an allergy after the application of medication into the eyes then they must omit the use of medication.

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