A woman says pregnant just after she conceives but a fetus develops in the second half of the pregnancy. Before that she does not any life inside her, it is just a fertilized egg. Therefore it is nothing wrong if a woman chooses abortion when she is unable to accept pregnancy due to her some personal issues, because till that she is free to accept her life over an unexpected pregnancy. In the initial months of pregnancy, a woman has only a fertilized egg that does not have brain or lings or other parts of the body that makes a person living being.  Before that, the developing fertilized egg does not feel anything such as pain etc because of no organ in the living being. What is wrong when a woman chooses her dream first over an undeveloped fetus? What if she not able to complete the financial needs of the pregnancy and after delivery?

RU486 Abortion Pill has helped so many of women in their battle of unwanted pregnancy. It is a type of medical abortion that can easily end an unexpected pregnancy of 7 weeks. Actually, it helps so many of women in making their abortion without any hospitalization or surgical procedure. It is easy to make abortion at home by using this way because there is a simple intake of pills by following the dosing process so there is no need to insert surgical tool or anything inside the body, therefore, you become safe from any cervical or vaginal injury. Apart from that, it helps a woman to make abortion in a private manner as if pregnancy news get leaked then that girl need to face so much of shame and embarrassment from the society.

Abortion is a very important aspect when a woman is not able to deal with the consequences of unwanted pregnancy. This becomes prime importance when a girl is already dependent on others for financial help.  If she does not have anyone for help her financially or emotionally in her pregnancy journey and after journey then she can opt for RU486, so that she can pursue her further career or education.

Abortion process starts just after taking Mifepristone as it directly blocks the progesterone hormone so that development of fetus get stopped due to insufficient nutrients supply leading to fetal death. This medicine is also responsible for breaking the endometrial lining so that fetus does not remain connected to the uterus anymore. It is also responsible for causing contractions leading to the expulsion of uterine contents via bleeding and clotting.

It is very easy to make abortion by using RU486 as there is a need to take 3 Mifepristone pills of 200 mg strength in an empty stomach without breaking. These pills need to be taken by oral route with ample sum of water. Go to doctor clinic after 2 days for confirming about the abortion. However, if your abortion fails then you need to take 2 pills of Misoprostol each of 200mcg by the oral or vaginal way so that it can be checked that abortion process has been completed.

RU486 may possibly cause some of the negative effects such as a headache, stiffness in the back, strong abdominal cramps with heavy menstruation flow shortness of breath, mood swings, agitation, nausea, exhaustion, and vaginal uneasiness. Please be sure that you did not come in physical contact with your man as it may increase the chances of vaginal infection and pregnancy. You also keep a distance from alcohol intake as it may worsen the side effects associated with this medicine.

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