Decades of evidences have been indicated that Mifepristone (anti-progesterone) drug is a safest option for concluding the unintended pregnancy. It has been reported that the effectiveness of this drug is very potent and efficacy of the results of Mifepristone will come around 94 to 98 %. Moreover, other scientific researchers have revealed that Mifepristone has also potential in some other problems such as breast and ovarian cancer, psychiatric conditions such as bi-polar disorder and post-partum depression. Hence, we can say that Mifepristone is a safe drug, which can be used without any fear. It will not produce any produce any major side effects and any associated problems.

In pharmacological terms, it can be defined as a selective antagonist of progesterone hormone. So that it acts on progesterone hormone and stops its action in mother's womb. This hormone is crucial for the development of fetus, as it transports oxygen and other nutrients towards the lining of the womb. Therefore, when any woman takes Mifepristone tablets then the supply of progesterone hormone gets obstructed and the growth of fetus stopped. Nowadays, Mifepristone tablets are marketed in numerous brand names in which RU-486 is a prominent drug.

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This drug has a great efficiency and it does not produce too much annoying side effects. The activity of this drug comes very fast due to its good solubility. RU-486 offers you a chance to abort the pregnancy at home without any help of professional person. You can use this drug by your own self.

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How you can take Mifepristone RU-486?

If you want to choose this option for abortion then you should make sure that your pregnancy should not more than 9 weeks. RU-486 is supplied in a package in which three tablets of Mifepristone are there. All three tablets should be taken as a single dose along with the use of full glass of water. Rest for two days after taking this drug and then go to a nearby hospital for check-up the complete abortion.

If your abortion is not carried out completely then take two tablets of generic Misoprostol along with enough quantity of water. After taking Misoprostol tablets rest for 14 days then go clinic for the confirmation of abortion.

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What types of side effects you may feel after the consumption of this drug?

One may experience some side effect after the ingestion of this drug such as headache, body pain, muscle agony, vaginal bleeding, vomiting, weakness, gastric irritation, stomach pain, dizziness, drowsiness and fainting may occur sometime.

What types of precautions you should follow while using Mifepristone RU-486?

  • If you have ever felt allergic reactions towards generic Mifepristone and Misoprostol then avoid the use of this drug.
  • Driving is not just after the consumption of this drug because these tablets produce sleepiness.
  • Breastfeeding mothers are not eligible to take this drug.
  • If you have diabetes, ectopic pregnancy and any type of liver and kidney disorders, then do not take these tablets.


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