Sensual satisfaction is one of the most basic needs whether it is male or female. Men's performance is judged on the basis of their ability to last in bed. Men are expected to perform better and longer. So, have you ever thought how long an intimate session is supposed to last? On an average men last about 6-7 minutes in bed particularly in terms on intercourse, NO foreplay included.  Since men’s prowess in the bedroom is often exaggerated, that's why male performance pills are booming, to raise your performance time to a mark of 21 minutes.  

 The Cenforce is one well-known name in male performance pills. It contains generic Sildenafil Citrate - Viagra composition to help you sustain a stronger erection. The medication can be utilized by men who wish to enjoy a lasting session with more fun and those actually suffering from the issue of erectile dysfunction (ED). The real trick to stay longer in bed is Cenforce. It is approved medication to treat erectile dysfunction by FDA. Here is all that you need to know about this medication, its usage, mechanism of action, side effects and essential precautionary measure to be followed - Buy cenforce 200mg online from our online drug portal at reliable price with discount...

Cenforce encloses Sildenafil Citrate i.e. a Phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors. It works allowing the male reproductive organ to reach and maintain an erection for hours. Taken orally, it is considered as safer alternative to enhance your performance.

The effect:
The drug at first grounds more influx of nitric oxide on vitality. When nitric oxide reach a level, it helps emancipation of cGMP protein, which furthermore fills in as male incompetence cure by loosening the penile muscles and restricting the creation of PDE5 catalysts, if in attendance can prevent erection from occurrence. All together, a man gets upright without difficulty, and can perform beyond his potential.

The dosing regimen: 50mg / 100mg / 150mg / 200mg
As per your aptitude, body response and tolerance you can choose the strength of Cenforce. It follows an oral mode of administration 60 minutes before planned intimacy session. Physical / Sensual stimulation is essential to attain an erection. The effect of Cenforce stays for 4-5 hours in your body. You can reiterate the dosage only after 24 hours only if you necessitate.

Can there any harmful effects of the medication?
Cenforce is safe to devour medication, however some men may face a few side effects due to its wrong administration such as a headache, diarrhea, blur vision, pain in muscles of legs, dryness in penile skin. However, these are just transient and most men don't mind these. You may consult your doctor in case these become bothersome.

Essential Precautionary Measure to be followed are as under -

  1. Do Not overdose as it can lead to prolonged and painful erection.
  2. Avoid fat rich diet.
  3.  If are sensitive to Generic Sildenafil citrate then you should not use Cenforce.  


Bottom line -
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