Eyes are one of the important parts of the body by which we are able to see the world. Our eyes are covered with eyelashes so an eyelash not only beautifies but also prevents our eyes from dust particles and sun rays. Whenever we see in the mirror, we first look at our eyes. Every girl wants to beautify her eyes to attract the person they like. Most of the girls use enough time to make their eyelashes attractive by making them thick, long, and curly. Good eyelashes highlight eyes and make them expressive and remarkable.

If you are a woman who does not have long and dense eyelashes then use Latisse eye drop to beautify your eyelash and have effective eye contact. Latisse eye drop is a permanent eye solution for attractive and beautiful eyelashes. A woman will see the drastic change in your eyelash within 8 to 12 weeks of its use. Eye framework some time is not suitable for everyone's eyes. Therefore, after using Latisse eye drops, you see yourself in the mirror will feel confident about your eyelashes.

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Latisse eye drops enclose Bimatoprost as the primary ingredient that when used increases eyelash thickness and length. Bimatoprost (prostaglandin analog) produces action by working on growth anagen phase of hair cycle (eyelash) in two ways. First, it enhances the length of an eyelash. Second, it increases the number of hairs in a growth phase. You will notice the little growth in four weeks and complete results will be seen in 16 weeks.

Dosage information about Latisse eye drops:

Wash your hands prior to application and then get a drop on the applicator. Begin applying it over the base of upper eyelash on both eyes. Keep your eyes close for one to two minutes so that solution is applied to lower eyelashes. Suck up remaining of the solution with tissue paper. Apply it once per day before you go to sleep. It may take some time to observe the result, therefore, use this medication on regular basis.

Some obnoxious effects you may observe with Latisse eye drops such as dryness, mild burning of the eye, redness, itching of eye, eye discharge, vision changes, feeling of something in the eye, sensitivity to light, or darkening of eyelid skin.

It is necessary to follow some precautions while using Latisse eye drops such as if you also have to apply any other eye drop then keep a distance of five min between the two eye drops. You should not concern this medication in case you are allergic to Bimatoprost. Take away out contact lenses if you wore them and you can reuse them back after 15 min of Bimatoprost application. You must not touch the tip of applicator and bottle, as it leads to contamination of the solution. Inform your doctor if you had previous an eye surgery or eye inflammation. Do not miss to have sterile applicator always for the application.