All most all women who have used abortion pills have positive experience. It is important that when a woman has decided for an abortion, then she should know the exact procedure and all methods plus the outcomes of abortion. Some women become scary even to hear about abortion and undergoing abortion for them is really a big task. We all should be aware of the fact that abortion with abortion pills is safe, painless and pregnancy is concluded at ease at home.

It is important for all women to know the signs and symptoms of pregnancy as in the later stage of pregnancy, abortion pills are not the choice of drug. You will find your period missing, bleeding gums, nausea, and aversion to morning tea. Before you will proceed to abortion, it is necessary to check your gestation time. Not only you in this whole world are facing this problem of unwanted gestation, but there are many like you who forget to have precautions at the time of intimacy and bear the result of ongoing pregnancy. Being pregnant is a blessing for a woman but for those who are not willing or are facing some difficult circumstances it becomes a curse.


With abortion pills, you will see a gush of blood finding its way out. Do not get panicked. It is the normal shedding of the uterus with the expulsion of the fetus. It is a right of a woman to decide whether to continue gestation or not. You could have avoided this pregnancy at first place by condoms or birth control pills, but there are many situations where you do not have control. An abortion pill is a real blessing for those who are unwilling to have a nipper. Have patience and faith on abortion pills, it will take you out from this tough time.

What Do You Know About Abortion Pills?

Abortion pills include Cytotec, RU-486 (used for below 7 weeks pregnancy) and MTP kit (used for below 9 weeks pregnancy). Mifepristone acts anti to progesterone hormone and prohibits the action of progesterone in carrying a pregnancy. On the other hand, Misoprostol contracts and expulses out the fetus from the abdomen.

Dosage Scheme To Be Followed For Effective Abortion:-

MTP kit: Ingest single tablet Mifepristone 200 mg (orally) and wait for two days to see if an abortion happens. If not then ingest four tablets of Misoprostol 200 mcg (orally/vaginally) and after 14 days have a check up to confirm abortion.

RU-486 Pill: Ingest three tabs Mifepristone each of strength 200 mg. If Mifepristone does not show its effect, then consume two Misoprostol tabs each of strength 200 mcg. Have a visit to a doctor after 14 days.

Cytotec: You have to ingest 12 tabs. of Misoprostol, each of dose 200 mcg.


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Some Contraindication You Should Know:-

• Avoid grapefruit juice/alcohol with abortion pills.
• Take out IUD's if inserted.
• If symptoms of bleeding persist, convey it to your doctor.
• Not to be taken in ectopic pregnancy.
• You may feel dizzy after an abortion, so avoid getting indulged in harsh physical activity.

Beware Of Side Effects:-

Some side effects if you observe you should report immediately to doctor:
• Allergic reactions, dizziness
• Heavy vaginal flow or pelvic pain
• Irregular heartbeat or nausea

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